Plant a seed / bulb

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Kea learn how to plant a seed and look after the plant


Plant pots (yoghurt pots / old mugs / glass jars)
Soil / Cotton wool


In advance:
purchase seeds & cotton wool
source enough plant pots for one each

Place bowls of soil, filled Bowls of water, pots & Cotton Wool in centre of the table> MAKE SURE NOT TO VOER CROWD ONE TABLE.
Give each Kea a spoon, pot and seeds
Demonstrate each step in front of the Kea
-Take one cotton ball per seed, and pull loosely apart> DONT BREAK IT
-Place the cotton wool in water, Make sure that they are fully soaked> Squeeze gently to remove excess water.
-Place seed into the centre of the wool and gently fold the seed into the Wool
-Place wool into the pot
-Add A small amount of soil at the base of the cup.
-Water again
-Ask each Kea to take a name label and pen to write their name and the plant name on
-Stick label to pot


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