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Using research from home cubs will create a poster and do a short presentation to the rest of the pack on their country


Research Templates (for home task)
A3 Paper
Felt tips
Roll of paper for life sized cub drawing


Issue research templates a week or two before the meeting so cubs have time to collect some information (one country per six) - it might be wise to also have some information available on the night in case some sixes have a lack of information.

On the night cubs will work in their sixes to create a poster using the information they have gathered. They will also prepare a short presentation of a couple of minutes. Cubs could also produce a life sized cub from their country by drawing round the smallest member of the six and drawing on the uniform.

At the end of the meeting allow each six to present their country to the rest of the pack or alternatively have the cubs rotate around each six to look at each others posters - a spokesperson from each six could be left with the poster to answer any questions.


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