Air Activites Aircraft research game

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Beavers split into teams of 2-4 and are given an answer sheet for 1 aircraft. They then find facts around the room for their aircraft. Colony sits down and shares at the end.


1 Answer sheet for each team (set of 5)
1 Set of fact cards


Print both documents, more than one copy of the answer sheets will probably be needed, depending on size of colony.
Cut the fact cards into sections, and stick these around the room prior to the meeting.

Split into teams of 2-4, try to mix ages and abilities so that someone in each team can write! Give each team an answer sheet.

The teams must then find 3 facts to fill in their sheet from the fact cards spread around the room.

Once all have finished, the colony can share what they have found and compare the aircraft (Top Trumps!)


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