Friendship Cards

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Beavers make a Friendship Card for a fellow Beaver (suggest pull a name from a hat) with a special message inside


Beaver names on pieces of paper
Hat or Box to put names in
Card (A4 folded)
Paper (suggest no bigger than the card front size)
Colouring Pens, Pencils, Crayons


Leader writes ever Beavers name on a piece of paper and places into a hat / box
Each Beaver pulls a name out of the hat (try again if they pull their own name out)
Lay out the resources on tables
Beavers create a picture / design on a piece of paper, cut to size and stick on the front of the card
Beavers write inside (or on another piece of paper and stick inside) the Beaver's name they have picked and a message of friendship. Some Beavers may need an adult to write the message.
Adults might like to help Beavers with suggested messages - eg, you are my friend because you ..... are always kind to me, play with me, make me smile when I am sad, help me make the right choices........
Beavers then sign their name in the card.
The cards are handed out to their friends at the end of the session.



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