Indoor Ski Slalom

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This is part of a winter olympics programme to celebrate the 2014 games in Sochi


sets of 3 man skis, stop watch


Make skis from planks of wood about 1mtr long. Attach strips of webbing across the top for cubs to put their feet into. 3 on each so that 3 cubs can wear the skis at a time. More than 3 is almost impossible for most teams of cubs! Also add long hand holds for them to use to lift the skis. - soft rope etc.
Each team of 3 put on the skis and have to negotiate a slalom course set up in a hall or outside. Each team is timed with the winner taking the gold medal. You could also set up 2 identical slalom courses and have them race against each other. depends on how much room you have.


  • skiing
  • slalom
  • teamwork
  • winter olympics

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