No snow Biathlon

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This activity was used as part of a winter olympics programme to celebrate the 2014 games in Sochi. Teams run a relay around a course and then have to shoot at a target before passing over to the next team member.


Snow shoes made from old tennis rackets, large flat pieces of wood - use your imagination. One set for each team.
Guns that shoot foam pellets - Poundland is a good place to try. add straps to them so they can be worn on their backs
Targets of some kind. we used plastic cups


Set up a course around your HQ or outside.
each team chooses a starting biathlete. They put on the snowshoes and the gun. They then have to "ski" the course and return to lay down to shoot at the target. If they miss they must then do a penalty loop (short lop set up beforehand) before handing over to the next member of the team. first team to finish are the winners


  • biathlon
  • shooting
  • skiing
  • team game
  • winter olympics

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