Finding North Using the Sun - Indoors!

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Using the Scouts themselves to show how to find North without a compass with the sun / shadow technique. The scouts are all the elements (sun, shadow, stick etc.), so this can be done indoors.




First scout is the sun
Second scout is the stick
Third scout is the shadow
Fourth scout is first marker point
Fifth scout is second marker point
Sixth scout has chalk for marking a line

Position the 'sun' in the East
Position the 'stick'
Work out where the shadow would fall and position the 'shadow' scout according to this (lying on the floor)
Set first marker scout according to position of the shadow
Move sun across the sky (i.e. move the scout...!), move the 'shadow' scout accordingly.
Set second marker point scout
Sixth scout draws a line between the two markers

This line is a 'West-East' line (first point is West, second point is East), meaning that you can now find North by drawing a line at right angles to the original line.



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