Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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A game to help Beavers to remember the 'Green Use' of materials




Introduce the concept of "Reduce Reuse Recycle"

Label three walls or points after one of the three "R's" and tell the Beavers which they are.

A leader calls out one of the three R's and the Beavers run to the nominated point. Last one or two sit out. This could be made more interesting by making it into a story about shopping and every time you use one of the "buzz" words they run. For instance "I went shopping and I chose some burgers with less packing to REDUCE the waste I produced. When I got home I didn't throw out the yoghurt pot instead I REUSED it to mix paint in..."


  • recycle
  • recycling
  • reduce
  • reuse
  • waste
  • waste disposal

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