Rattle Snake

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Fun bottom shaking patrol game


Tablet Tennis Balls; boxes; duck tape


(1) Split into patrols/groups.
(2) Each group takes a Kleenex box is assisted in taping the box to their behinds. After everyone is all taped up they will place three ping pong balls inside of the Kleenex box.
(3) On the word GO everyone will start shaking their behinds and bodies to try and free the ping pong balls from the box.
(4) First person to free all of their ping pong balls will win for their patrol/group.

You could have a shake-off, with each patrol nominating their booty shaking champion who will compete in the the grand final - where each player will have 5 or 10 ping pong balls (depending on how easily shaking out 3 ping pong balls went) They will have one minute to shake out all ping pong balls, or just whoever shakes out the most.
The winners will receive a prize or patrol points.
*Be ready to smile as you watch your classmates make fools of themselves but having complete fun while doing it! *


  • bottom shaking
  • patrol games
  • Table tennis
  • Team challenges

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