First Aid Film Stars

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Short Films on First Aid Topics where the Explorers are Director, Cameraman and Actors.


Video Camer and ability to play back on a subsequent meeting.


Split into 3 or four groups of 4 Explorers.
Each group is given a topic: a) Burns, b)Would with something stuck in it, c)Diabetes and d)Collapse, conscious but breathing.

The group has 5 mins to elect a Director and define who will be behind and infront of the Camera

They have 10 minutes to rehearse in the main part of the Hut. A Leader will check on the content, have they got the First Aid principles right? But not comment on the acting. The groups should take advantage of the First Aid text book or the British Red Cross App for first aid.

They get 5-10 minutes with the Camera to produce a 3min (Max) short film on their topic. No more than 3 takes. Camera time is supervised by a Leader but the leader doesn't film.

Follow Up on a subsequent night, showing the films and getting the Unit to vote on the best. Do not use the films for anything else without suitable forms releasing parental permission to use the footage.
NO FILMS TO BE PUT ON FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, TWITTER ETC this is important as the groups will get more involved knowing the arena is just for them.


  • first aid
  • first aid, communications

Badge Links

  • Emergency Aid - Airway and Recovery Position
  • Emergency Aid - Burns
  • Emergency Aid - Minor bleeding
  • Emergency Aid - Others
  • Emergency Aid - Unconscious needs