Kochanski Flip-Flop Winch

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Using leverage to move heavy objects


2 pioneering poles
Unmovable object
Really heavy object/car


Tie one end of the rope around the unmovable object (i.e. a tree), and the other end around the heavy object, leaving some slack.

Place a pioneering pole parallel to the rope, and place another pole on top of the first pole, perpendicular to the rope.

Arrange the ropes as in the diagrams.

Lift the "lever" through 180 degrees. The lever is the bottom pole. The top pole will become the lever for the next time - so now lift the new lever pole through 180 degrees. Repeat this a lot!

The winch will move towards the tree at half the speed the heavy object moves towards you - so start with the winch at 1/3 the way down the rope.



  • block and tackle
  • pioneering

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