5 Constellations

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Everyone will have a sheet of stars. Talking about the background of constellations and showing pictures ask children to identify 5 constellations - Ursa Major and big dipper, Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus and Cassiopeia.


Sheet with stars
Pictures of constellations
Myths about the constellations


Give all children a paper with stars (stars). Show them a picture (5 constallation pictures) of Ursa Major and talk about big dipper (not a constellation) and the myth. Ask them to locate the big dipper on their stars sheet and then complete the Ursa Major. Using the pointer stars of big dipper, find the north star and complete the small dipper. Tell them a bit about small dipper and north star. Then locate the Darco who is the protector of North Star. And then tell them the story of queen Cassiopeia and her husband Cepheus.



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