Robot Wars

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Using 2 remote controlled cars with margarine tubs, Scouts build robots and do battle to burst balloons attached to opponents vehicle.


Minimum 2 Remote control Cars (on deferent frequencies), Spare batteries, Balloons, Tape, Glue, Pens, Scissors, Stopwatch, rubber bands & Margarine containers.

Junk:- Steel Pins, Skewers, Assorted cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes etc. Plastic knives, forks & spoons, Paper, Card, , String, Plastic Drinks Bottles, Cd’s, Straws, Drawing Pins, Paper plates, Disposable cups


Each patrol makes their armour out of cardboard boxes or build a robot on a margarine tub. The robots can then be fitted to either remote car to allow each team to fight each other only using two cars. A balloon is attached to the back and the skewers are placed around the vehicle, make a ring of chairs or tables, scouts outside the ring, vehicles inside with 2x patrols taking turns to do battle to try and burst the balloon attached with the wooden skewers attached, keep a score board for semi finals/finals etc


  • remote contolled cars

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