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Master Code Breaking

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Using the cub books, create a code that needs the page number and the word count.


Cub book (all invested cubs should have one)
Post-it notes


Using the cub book create a code that will help cubs to explore the hall or surroundings i.e. Bottom of the Fire escape, In the first Aid Kit, look out the window (will get them looking through most windows)
The code i used was (page number, word count) = (page 48, word 92) = (48,92) = WINDOW

I went through the book myself looking for key words (i didnt count any words in purple or yellow boxes) but remember the Titles!!

IN = (34,34)
THE = (12,6)
A = (52,8)
ON = (56,31)
LOOK = (39,29)
FIND = (13,46)
ME = (21,6)
UNDER = (48,9)
BOTTOM = (66,81)
SIDE = (66,30)
ENTRY = (37,32)
REFLECTION = (28,215)
DOOR = (1,34)
LIGHT = (54,84)
SWITCH = (54,38)
FIRE = (29,127)
FIRST = (04,13)
AID = (65,54)
KIT = (42,131)

i'll also give out the sentences i used:

1. Look in the first aid kit

2. Bottom of the fire escape

3. Hand Basin

4. What is out the window?

5. Switch the light on!

6. Look in the draw!

in each of these locations was a post-it note with another set of numbers linking to a word

1 = The (12,06)
2 = Answer (74,101)
3 = is (16,04)
4 = in (34,34)
5 = your (4,12)
6 = reflection (28,215)

In our hall the toilets have a few mirrors in which when they look they will see 5 more post-it notes up high spelling A K E L A but backwards so when looking in the mirror they see the leaders name, come running to that leader for their prize.

Used on my Cubs, stuck to their sixes, loved it!
most of the hard work done for you, stick a leader with each group and brief them quickly to nudge them in the right direction.

going through book to find words took me 3 hours but feel free to find your own!

**put up some red herrings with random numbers on to stop them just finding every post-it note on display**


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