World Trade

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This activity shows how decisions can affect future.


Paper Any colour
Templates for Products
Money (Monopoly)


Split the group into teams of no more than five, assign each group a country (industrialized, newly industrialized, developing). Each will be given different resources.
The objective given to the groups is to become the wealthiest country. Countries make money by producing products and selling them to the banker. Countries can purchase tools and resources from the bank. Countries may trade products but this should be supervised by the bank. Players must use templates to make products. Disputes should be solved by the game leader who should be impartial.
During the game the world market should change prices and the world events should also be taken into account for example blackouts would make electronics cheaper, disasters etc.

Feel free to adjust your game to suit.


  • countries
  • market
  • stock markets
  • Trade
  • Trade games
  • world

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