Red Card Run

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Team Game


Deck of cards per team


Leaders shuffle cards and put jokers at the back of the decks. One leader per team stands facing the lined up teams with their decks of cards. First Cub of each Six comes forward and leader shows them the first card if it is a red card they run to the end of the hall/cone and back. Then to the back of the team line. If a black card they go straight to the back of the team line. As soon as the first Cub has looked at card the next Cub runs to look at the next card. The first team to have gone right through the pack of cards and sat down are the winners. We use a Joker at the back of the deck so we know when the deck is finished. This is a quick game so can be repeated, and add alternatives to running, such as hopping, skipping, jumping in sack etc Leaders could slow up/speed up the showing of cards if they want a particular team to win depends how competitive your leaders are.


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