Ice Hockey - Beaver style

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Two teams , taking in turns playing hockey


Need to make ICE hockey puck - I did this by filling small flan tins with water with green food colouring in it then freeze - you will need a few for a large group I made 15 . Two hockey sticks and cones to make goals


Split the group in to two teams - ( we used countries from the Winter Olympics) Have the teams standing in a line either side of the goals , each team is numbered 1 to how many you have. Hockey sticks are put in the goal . The ICE hockey puck is put in the middle of the room , the leader shouts out a number the two players who are that number run to pick up their hockey stick and play one on one hockey , this continues until every one has a go ( some on keeps score) the ICE hockey puck slides well on wooden floors , it may start falling apart but we carry on with the smallest bits until a goal is scored. If you have any pucks left continue until you run out


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