Scene of an accident

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Basic scenario for Beavers to understand what to do at the scene of an accident


Chalk, actors (Beavers and leaders), toddlers "car" to make it really authentic!


Concentrating on dangers, assessing what may be wrong and then getting help. Draw a road with the chalk. Have a Beaver "collapsed" but conscious and can crawl lying in the road. Have an adult actor on the phone/standing on the corner slightly further up - they are busy and have not seen what has happened. Have other Beaver actors "driving cars along the road" (the danger). The Beaver should see the casualty and then look for danger (the cars) and encourage the person out if the road. They need to assess what is wrong (basically) and then find help - the adult on the corner of the road. Go through it once and then talk about it. Then talk what the best way to act is and then do it with new Beaver volunteers.


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