First Aid Incidents

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Three First Aid Incidents allowing the Scouts/ Explorers to react, treat and evaluate First Aid Skills.


Resourceful Acting from Casualties, Fake bandage, Standard First Aid Kit x 3, Leaders x 3.


(Tony, Andy and Bill: Split into three groups:)
o Group 1 (AJE/ TDS): In the St Johns’ Room there is a casualty, set up in the dark. The team have a simple first aid kit and 1 torch. They need to find the casualty, who is unconscious but breathing, identify how they ended up this way and get help.

o Group 2 (BW): a casualty is upstairs; he has a cut leg, caused by an axe wound. The group need to treat him before he descends into serious shock and get help.

o Group 3 (AJE TDS): A casualty in the hall is chatting to the team as they come in, they start a game, when he is standing on an arrangement of mats, he has a fit (staged/ acted). The team need to react appropriately and decide if they need help.


  • acting an accident
  • first aid

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