Suncatcher Daffodils

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Make a bunch of daffodils for Mothering Sunday


Yellow Card
Green Card
Sticky back plastic
Differing shades of yellow tissue paper


Start by cutting out a template for the children to draw around (see attached diagram).
Children draw some daffodil shapes from yellow card, and cut the middle out as shown on the attached to create a daffodil frame.
Then stick each daffodil frame onto a sheet of sticky-backed plastic.
Tear or cut the tissue paper into small pieces and stick inside the daffodil frame.
Fold over the excess sticky back plastic to cover the tissue paper
To make the 'trumpet' for the centre of your daffodil, cut a little piece of the yellow card with a wiggly edge. Wrap it round and use sticky tape to hold in place. Fold over the very end of the trumpet and used a little sticky tape to fix it into the centre of the flower.
Use a piece of green card to make your stem and you're done.

If time allows you could also decorate a jam jar to act as a vase for a bunch of daffodils.


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