Blindfolded Sandwich Making

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Paired activity. Make a Jam sandwich blindfolded - with a twist.


Bread, Jam, Peanut Butter, Plates, sprinkles, Knife


Beforehand prepare a plate for each pair with the necessary ingredients on it (A knob of butter, slice of bread, some jam) - Do not show the scouts yet.

Scouts are working in pairs, standing opposite sides of a table facing each other. One scout in each pair is then blind folded. (They do not know yet what they are making)
The leader gives a demonstration of how to make the 'food'. The blindfolded scouts will only be able to listen. The idea is that the blindfolded scouts think they are making something much more disgusting than a jam sandwich. You can say something along the lines of "Take a piece of soft tree bark, pick up some maggots and place onto the bark, add some crushed ants"
The ingredients can then be placed on the table in front of the blindfolded scout. It is the job of the non-blindfolded scout to guide them to make the sandwich. They can only talk. (Sitting on hands works well). It's made more fun if they convince them they are not making a jam sandwich until they take off their blindfold.

For a second round, you could follow this activity:

Note: Only use peanut butter if no one is allergic to it.


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