Build an aircraft model to demonstrate Yaw Pitch and Roll

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Build a paper aircraft model to demonstrate Yaw Pitch and Roll


Yaw Pitch and Roll Diagrams

Per Scout
Model Template and Instructions
3 pencils


Place a few Yaw Pitch Roll Diagrams around the HQ.

Objective: Place disks on the correct axis (pencil) to demonstrate Yaw, Pitch and Roll.

1. Cut out the templates . Cut out the holes and slits as marked.
2. Tape one pencil to the fuselage.
3. Slide the wing through the slot in the fuselage.
4. Insert and tape the pencil along the wing through the hole in the fuselage.
5. Insert a pencil into the wing and tape to the fuselage.
6. Slide in the elevator into the tail and tape on either side.
7. Now attach the directional disks to demonstrate Yaw, Roll and Pitch. Refer to the diagrams around the room.

Once complete demonstrate to a leader Yaw, Roll and Pitch using your model.


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