h2o game

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cubs form water molecules and try to grab the rice before the sun dries them up


rice,(or similar) soft ball, cubs scarves or hats


cubs are divided into molecules - hydrogen and oxygen - you need 2 hydrogen molecules to every oxygen molecule - so twice as many h to the o molecules
there is a centre circle - either marked by chairs, masking tape or similar. Inside this inner circle are loads of grains of rice. ( you could use coins, markers, discs, pasta shapes - anything in number really).
Cubs start the race outside this centre circle and hydrogen cubs are Different to oxygen cubs - you can have one group with scarves one without - or one group with hats one without - or bibs no bibs - whatever suits your group of cubs.
when the game starts the cubs run to get in groups to make water molecules eg 2 hydrogens and one oxygen. They must put one hand in the middle - eg a three handed handshake and keep one hand free outside - you get a 3 spoked wheel shaped molecule. they then run into the centre circle and try to pick up the grains of rice with their free hand without breaking the molecule shape. If they let go with their holding hand they have to leave the circle. Whilst in the circle they come under attack from the sun! This is a leader or young leader armed with either a soft ball or bean bag or similar. they are standing on a chair at the end of the hall and can throw the ball at the molecule. If they have a direct hit the molecule must stop collecting rice and leave the circle.
oxgens must leave the circle and touch the north end wall of the hall before they can re-join to form another molecule Hydrogens must leave the circle and touch the south side of the hall wall before they can re-join. In this way the cubs must split up and chase to find new partners before they can enter the inner circle again with new friends.
The winner is the cub who has the most grains of rice at the end of the game.


  • molecule
  • team work
  • water water aid
  • wide game

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