Make a Truffela Tree/ clover with a spec

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Cubs will make a Truffela Tree using pom poms and pipecleaners


Pipe cleaners, wool, scissors, sticky dots, tiny pom poms


Cubs choose two different coloured pipe cleaners and wind them together to make a twisted multicolour trunk for their tree, to make the pom poms for the tree tops cubs need to wind wool around their hand around about 20 times, slide the wool off the hand and tie another piece of wool across the middle tightly to make a bow tie shape, tie a knot to keep the bow tie shape. Cubs will need to cut the bow bits across the loops to make a pom pom. Stick the rough pom poms onto the top of the trunk (you can use a sticky dot) If you want to add a spec (from Horton hears a Who) just sticky dot a tiny pom pom onto the tree top. Something like the picture in the attached file


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