Global Inequality Challenge Game

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Based on several other similar games I have seen but could not find when I needed it. This activity looks as disparity in income and living levels around the world and can be used to examine and discuss a range of issues and topics, particularly in the Global Programme Zone. The Cubs need to consider three income levels; these can represent three classes in a developing country – e.g. factory/plantation owner, manager and worker; three different countries at different development levels; or different workers in a product and distribution chain – factory worker/farmer, agent, 1st world employee in a shop selling the goods. Their choices can be used as a lead in to discuss a range of topics from diet, inequality, social issues, role of charities and international aid, welfare systems, added value, fair trade etc. Can then survive? Frequently only a few turns are needed before interesting debate starts - the game is flexible and is best seen as a entry to wider discussions and starting point for further activities.

I've only used this with Cubs but would work equally well with Scouts.


Toy money, counters, or similar. Attached cards.


Instructions attached


  • Economics
  • fairtrade
  • Global Challenge,
  • Global Challenge, global issue
  • international charity
  • Poverty

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