St Patricks Night -

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St Patricks night - Matching task


This activity involves a matching game involving Characters and symbols associated with St Patrick and Ireland.



Adults print the attached sheet and cut out the pictures. There are 12 pairs of pictures for each six.


The young people are placed in their sixes prior to the game starting it is explained to them that all of the symbols are associated with Irish personalities and legend.

The young people are sent out one at a time as part of a team relay within view of the leaders to the opposite end of the hall.

They are told that the pictures are face down, the pictures have been mixed up and that they are to run down turn over two pictures and if they find a pair they can leave them face up. If they do not find a pair they pictures are turned face down again and the cub runs back. The cub is allowed to describe to his team what pictures he saw and where they were.

The first team to match all the pairs, return to the starting point and stand quietly in a straight line.


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