St Patricks - Pot of Gold - Ireland

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Game to introduce the legend of Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow and Leprechauns to Cubs


Download and small sticks

A prize for the six who win.

Enough sweets to reward the participants for the gold coins they collect.

This activity can be expanded with the use of a treasure map.



Cut out 25 sets of Gold coins per team and 1 pot of Gold per team.

Attach each of the above to sticks.

Prior to the game leaders put out 25 gold coins and one pot of gold for each team. On the area to be used, can be indoors or outdoors.


This is a relay game.

Cubs are separated into teams and told that they can have one team member run out at a time and collect one set of gold coins. When they have collected 25 sets of gold coins they can then run out to collect a pot of gold.

The first team with 25 sets of coins, their pot of Gold and standing back in their team quietly are the winners.


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