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Understand the need for keeping the bicycle in a roadworthy condition, and how to do this


download resource, picture of bike, highlighters and rulers, whiteboard and pen,


draw, as best you can, a bicycle on the whiteboard that everybody can see.
explain that you are checking their bikes for safety and roadworthyness and that there is a simple check they can do called the "M" check. ask them if they have any idea what it means, and if they don't , get them to cvall out what parts of a bicycle they think should be checked before they go out on a ride - whats important to keep it working and in good condition.
write down all of the answers on the board , keep going till they have named all of the crucial parts, going through exactly what should be checked on each part, e.g. on the wheels whether the brakes work
mark each correct answer called out(listed below) and when all five have been named , join the dots so they can see the ?m? check materialise
1 front wheel
2 handlebar
3 pedals and chain
4 saddle
5 rear wheel
for each part , make sure they know what they are checking for
wheel - spokes, brakes, tyres, cones
Pedals and chain, not too loose, operate smoothly, secure, no play,
Handlebars - move smoothly, right height, straight, not loose,. brake and gear levers secure
saddle - right height and angle

now get them to draw the ?M? on their handouts and lable all the parts they should be checking on the bike



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