What to do in the event of an accident

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Cover what to do in the event of an accident


Scout Emergency Card (White)


Discuss with the Scouts what to do in the event of an emergency - the Scouts Emergency Card is a good reference. At each stage discuss why each step is important, what sort of actions the step might entail in different scenarios (e.g. in hills, at camp, different types of accident, weather, etc).

1: Remove party from immediate danger (if any)
2: Administer first aid to casualties
3: Provide shelter for casualties
4: Fix position accurately
5: Decide on best route for help
6: Complete this card
7: Send 2 people for help - with this card
8: [If necessary they] dial 999 and follow instructions given by the emergency services
9: [They] telephone Home Contact

Regarding emergency services, also discuss which type might be involved (Mountain Rescue, Fire, etc), what they would need to know (details you fill in on card), how to contact them, etc.

NOTE: For lvl 2 Emergency Aid, should be led by a leader with First Response or equivalent qualification, who is familiar with the source material (see badge requirements for details)


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