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Simple game to introduce new beavers




All beavers gather at one end of the hall. The Leaders says a fact or a statement as below. Those beavers that match run, jump, skip, hop... to the other end of the hall. Sample facts:

Beavers that have brothers
Beavers that have sisters
Beavers that are born in January, February...
Beavers that play football, tennis, golf, cricket, basketball, do swimming
Beavers that have a dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, don't have a pet
Beavers that go to a particular school, e.g. Templewood
Beavers whose favourite subject at school is maths, literacy, PE, science,
Beavers who like/dislike certain food: sausages, watermelon, fish and chips, broccoli, peppers, bananas, toffee yogurt, olives, beans on toast



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