Bucket Relay

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Teams use two strong buckets to get across an area without touching the floor


Small cones, Large
Buckets - 2 per team


*Place two markers, one as the start and one as the point to travel
to and around
*Give each team two strong buckets and place them upside down
*Each member of the team needs to travel from the start, up to
the allocated point and back again without touching the ground.
*To do this the young person will need to stand on one bucket, bend
down and move the second bucket in front of them, step onto the
second bucket and repeat this process until they have navigated
the course
*The first team to have all their members complete the course are
the winners

Note: You will need strong buckets and it is a good idea to remove the handles so that there is a level surface
This game can be used as part of an obstacle race and the course can be made as long or as short as your time allows

Scoring: Scoring: 20 points for first six, 15 for the second, 10 for the third and 5 for the fourth (may need adjusting if you have more or less sixes.


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