St George's Day Activities

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Set of activities that can be run as bases for the Scouts to move around or can be done as one Group if you do not have so many members.
You will need a Leader to manage each one.

4 key areas for St George's Day are:
1. Language - cockney rhyming slang
2. Craft - make an English rose
3. Food - scone, jam, cream and/or cucumber sandwiches with tea to drink
4. Game - marbles


1. instructions for cockney rhyming slang (attached), paper/pens
2. red tissue paper, green sticks, sellotape, scissors to make paper rose (see attached instructions)
3. traditional English food (scone, jam, clotted cream, cucumber, butter and thinly-sliced bread, tea, milk, sugar), plates, cups, knives, tea pot, tea spoons - Scouts should do the preparation as well as tasting the food and drink (it is surprising how many do not know how to make tea in a teapot!!)
4. set of marbles, chalk or string to mark out a circle, instructions (attached)


Set up each activity in different areas of the hall:
1. Discussion area to explain and practice Cockney Rhyming slang (e.g. chairs gathered in a circle)
2. Craft area to make paper roses (table, chairs, craft materials)
3. Food area to prepare and eat traditional English food
4. Games area with space to play marbles (on floor).

Start by talking about St George's Day with all Scouts: when is it? (23rd April), who was St George? He is patron saint of England...what does being English mean? What are the main traditions and customs of England (rather than Britain) and any emblems, symbols, foods, games, etc.... get ideas from the Scouts.

Then move to the 4 activities, either by rotating round the bases in small groups, or can be done altogether. Suggest 15 minutes on each base.
If there is time, come together at the end to review what they have learned.

Of course activities can be swapped in if these particular ones don't fit... e.g. other regional dialects or traditions rather than cockney rhyming slang, other games rather than marbles (e.g. tiddly winks, jacks, hopscotch) or other craft activities (e.g. make an English flag)


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