WW1 Remembrance

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Scouts get to research local WW1 soldiers and place them in context of major WW1 events


Paper and pens to print off/write names of major events and local soldiers. Poles to set out WW1 events chronologically on scout hut floor. Scissors.


•Print list of key events and cut along dotted lines.
•Lay out six pioneering/tent poles with 2-3’ separation between each on the floor of the scout hut to represent each 12 month period of 1914, 1915, 1916 etc.
•Place the events in chronological order between the poles.
•Have the scouts write the names of local soldiers from the Roll of Honour identified on the local WW1 Memorial on slips of paper with the date of death.
•Place the soldiers’ names alongside the chronological list of events

Note: Attachments are specific to Woking and data compiled by local borough & historical societies. Other boroughs may have similar resources.


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