Swinging Recovery

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A pallet/door is hung from a tree/rafters so that it is a horizontal platform. One (or two) scouts lie on the pallet and get swung around by their fellow patrol members to try to pick up as many objects from the floor in a given time.




Hang a door/pallet horizontally from a tree, like a platform. I'll leave that for you to work out how to do!
Make an exclusion zone (circle of rope) about 1.5m from the edge of the door/pallet.
Scatter objects (we're using tent pegs) on the floor within the exclusion zone (mostly around the outside of it).
Place a bucket near the edge of the zone.

One or two scouts should lie on the door (with helmets)
They can only hold one peg each at a time
They should pick up a peg (each) and put it in the bucket, and repeat
Scouts around the exclusion zone can't go in the exclusion zone
Scouts around the exclusion zone can only push the door/pallet

Either do a timed competition to see how quickly they pick up all pegs, or see how many pegs they can pick up in a certain time.


  • Pegs
  • team building

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