safety song (bright clothes at night)

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An interactive song in which children repeat a rhyme, in loud army training camp style, all about wearing bright clothes to stay safer. Comes from the booklet


Fluorescent Jackets if you have them.


Line the children up in lines of four to six behind each other, like a squad of soldiers.
Briefly explain about boot camps and soldiers going on long route marches.
Jog on the spot and pretend you have a heavy pack.
Call out the lines in a really loud sergeant rhythm.
Children copy each line as they jog.
The final line can be repeated.

Bright is right boot camp Song

When I’m walking by the road,
Gonna crack the Highway Code;
Traffic coming will see me,
My coats as bright as it can be;
Fluorescent may be hard to spell,
But it sure has kept me safe and well;
Stickers on bags reflect the light,
A shining example when its night;
Don’t just wear what’s dark outside,
Drivers aren’t all eagle-eyed;
So if you want to do what’s right,
Show the world that you are bright!


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