Cup & String Challenge

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To enable Beavers to work together to complete a task;


Plastic Cups, string, elastic bands


Make enough elastic band tools for the group (do this by cutting four lengths of string and tying them to the elastic band, spacing them evenly). One tool is for four players (string per player) or two players (piece of string in each hand). Might be best to demonstrate to players before playing game. Place six cups and the elastic band tool on the table/floor space. Give each player a piece of string and explain that they must use the tool to stack the cups into a tower. Have the group try to move one cup, and point out how each member has to adjust the tension they place on the string in order for it to work effectively. After the group moves one cup have them stop. Now everyone knows what to do the Beavers can be split into Teams of four (if possible). Each Team will first try to stack the cups into a tower. Further challenges can be set eg stack cups into a pyramid, (three on bottom, two in middle, one on top), stack cups without talking, create their own structure or time limited.


  • challenge games
  • co-operation
  • teamwork

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