What to wear/pack for a hike

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Discuss with Beavers what to pack and what to wear for a hike, including what they'd put in healthy packed lunch.


Rucksack and items that you would and wouldn't take on /wear for a hike.


What to wear/pack
• Gather lots of different items, some of which you would take on a fictitious day visit to the countryside, and some that wouldn’t be appropriate.
• Spread them out in front of you with the Beavers sitting round them in a circle.
• Go through each item in turn and see if the Beavers think you should take them. Place items in 2 piles – one to pack in rucksack, other not to take.

Then (with pictures if possible) discuss what they'd take for healthy packed lunch on hike.

Discuss differences between summer/ winter, day/ night etc


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