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Learn about and explore the issues facing children around the world. Learn about the work of SOS Childrens Villages (From POL)


Happy Families Cards
Find someone who grid


- Using the About SOS Childrens Villages sheet, give the young people some background information about the work of SOS. Alternatively, explore the SOS Childrens Villages website, or search on Youtube for videos from SOS Childrens Villages.
- Give out the Happy Families cards 1 each. Also give each player a clipboard (optional), a pencil and a copy of the Find Someone grid.
- The players should be given a minute to read about the person on their Happy Families card.
- The players then move around the room, speaking to each other and trying to find someone who.. When they succeed in finding someone who was described on the grid, they write down the name of that person in the corresponding box on the grid.
- Once everyone has had time to speak to everyone else and fill in their grid, bring the group back together.
- The activity can either end there, or if appropriate, spend some time discussing what the young people learned about the work of SOS Childrens Villages. Some questions to initiate discussions are: What are the problems facing children around the world? In what sort of ways does SOS Childrens Villages help? What might happen to these children if they were not supported by SOS Childrens villages?


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