Musical Chairs: Children's Rights

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A version of Musical Chairs which encourages children to think about needs vs. wants (From POL)


Chocolate bar
School book (representing ‘education’)
IPod (or similar)
Picture of a house (one torn out from property supplement of newspaper will do, representing ‘a home’)
Image of a loving family
Passport (preferably an old one – representing ‘nationality’)
Bottle of water
Sandwich (or similar, representing ‘food’)
Mobile phone

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Enough for one per scout


- Give one item to each young person, and go around the group and let everyone say a few words about their item. Elicit what they represent.
- On a given signal, beavers/cubs/scouts have to stand up from their chairs/mats and keep moving around, waling in a circle or similar.
- While they are walking, remove two of the chairs.
- On signal, beavers/cubs/scouts must find a seat again.
- The two who are left without seats must make a case for why the item they are carrying is more important than the other persons, thus giving them the right to stay in the game.
- Encourage them to think about whether the item is a need or just a want, but allow them to be creative in how they argue for their item. Agree on a winner for each round who gets to stay in the game.
- Add one of the two chairs removed, and continue the game


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