Bang! Name Game

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A fun way to remember names




Get everyone to stand in a circle facing inwards. The leader running the game will need to stand in the middle of the circle. The leader points at someone in the circle. That person must duck down straight away and the two people either side of them must turn to face each other, hold their hands in the shape of a gun and say/yell the name of the peson who was pointed at by the leader, and then say "bang" (Eg. The leader points at James. The two people either side of james say 'James Bang' as soon as possible. All this needs to happen very quickly.

Whoever ends up getting "shot" is out. So if the person who gets pointed at originally doesn't duck down quick enough, then they are out. If they do duck down quickly, then whoever says "bang" first out of the two people either side of them stays in and the other person is out.

When there are only two people left, they stand back to back, and the person who was in the middle starts counting. With each count the two people take steps away from each other, western style. The person who was in the middle then yells bang, and the two people turn and say "bang". The person who is fastest wins, and gets to be in the middle the next round.

This is a super fun youth group game that needs to no extra materials and is easy to explain and get the hang of. Kids might want to play a few rounds so they can get a second chance if they get out really quickly.

For the leader running the game, after a few turns they might want to make their pointing a bit trickier by looking away or spinning in a circle. Be creative!


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