Silent Beaver Promise Game

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Using Sign Language prompts for the 4 main sections of the Beaver promise, Beavers have to run to the correct poster on the wall, IN SILENCE


4 posters stuck on the walls - 'do my best', 'kind', 'helpful' & 'love God'
Prompts for leader as to the sign language for each of the above


Teach the Beavers the Beaver Scout Promise in Sign Language. This could be done as a separate activity. Alternatively, just teach them the 4 main signs.
Select appropriate places to put the 4 posters
Leader explains that this is a silent game and there is to be no talking throughout. Explain that you will call all the Beavers into the middle of the room using a certain gesture. That you will then use sign language to sign out the 4 key parts of the Beaver Promise. Beavers must then hop to the poster they think is the correct one. Return Beavers to the middle with the same hand gesture, they cam walk back to the middle. Keep signing the parts of the promise until you want to.


  • beaver promise
  • Disability Awareness
  • sign language
  • Silent game

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