Dragon making

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Using knotting skills and craft skills - make a dragons head and body big enough for the whole group to get under and BE a dragon. Great for St Georges Day or carnival or Chinese New Year


For the body - cargo net long enough for the whole group to get under (Scrap Store have them), 300/350mm thin strips of brightly coloured parachute material/scrap material/ribbon/anything that you can tie a knot in, scissors. For the head - large cardboard box (about the size of a retail crisp box), green/yellow tissue paper, PVA, coloured paper.


Lie the cargo net on the floor. Cut pieces of material to the righ length before hand. Get the children to tie the material to the cargo net randomly - this forms the dragons body...the more tied on the better the dragon looks. Get another smaller group to paint PVA over the box, tear and stick pieces of tissue paper to the glue. Cut out eyes, nostrils, spines - anything they think might make it look more like the head of a dragon. Nominate a leader to hold the finished dragons head in front of or above their own head....drape the finished cargo net over their shoulders like a cloak (you might need to fix it under their chin, depending on how enthusiastic your children are!)...assemble the children under the cargo net (standing) and then you can parade round like a large (and very noisey) dragon.


  • Artist Badge - Scene from a story
  • Carnival Parade
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Chinese New Year
  • colouring
  • craft activity
  • Dressing up
  • Knot Tying
  • modelling, construction, imagination, building
  • St George\'s Day
  • team work

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