Green Cross Code action game

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A simple action game based on the Green Cross code




This is based on the simple action game ňúCaptains coming and involves teaching the children a set of actions that they must do when instructions are called out in random order. Children need to spread out in a hall
/ room. The instructions and actions are as follows:

Single file! (all get in a line one behind the other)
Hold hands! (with nearest person)
Face the traffic! (turn the other way)
Use the pavement! (go to the side of the
hall indicated)
Stop, look and listen! (stand still, quietly,
looking all around, ready to cross)
Walk across! (walk as if crossing a road,
looking all around)
Car coming! (sit and pretend to drive)
Motorbike coming! (pretend to ride)
Lorry coming! (stand and hold big
steering wheel)

To play the game, show the children the actions and let them practise each one. Then start to call out the instructions in random order. Explain that the idea for the children is not to be last (but in this case no one is out). Start slowly but speed up as the children
start to learn the actions.


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