Troop Forum (Feedback, Charter & Planning)

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A Troop Forum meeting incorporating a couple of the other Troop Forum activities on OSM but with added paperwork and including an introduction to Troop Forum and programme ideas for next term.


1 printout of these pages: Agenda, Troop Charter, Troop Forum
Either 1 printout or 1 per Scout of Troop Feedback.
Pens & Paper for Brainstorming


Split your troop into small groups of up to 6, each group should have a Chair (either an adult leader or a S/PL).
Each group should follow the agenda (included in the attachment):

5 Minutes: Explanation of Troop Forum
* Aim to be a Scout-Lead Troop
* Include activities wanted by Scouts
* Cover Badges
* Other feedback from Scouts
15 Minutes: Troop Charter (from
* 5 Minutes: Brainstorm all the things which make a meeting difficult
* 10 Minutes: Discuss the items on the sheet, and turn each statement into a rule. Avoid using the word No:
GOOD: Everybody must be quiet when leaders are talking.
BAD: NO talking when the leaders are talking.
15 Minutes: Feedback (from:
* Go through the question sheet, either verbally discuss the questions or fill them out and collect them after. They do not need to be named.
15 Minutes: Next Term
* Come up with three requests for next term's programme. For example:
Games to play, Badges to work towards, Trips, Weekend Activities.
- Discuss. This is a discussion among the troop, there are no wrong answers.
- Be open and honest, explain why some ideas are too complicated, or too simple. Praise good practical ideas but brush over silly ones.
- Make no promises. Based on these ideas - and those of other groups - we will compose the plan.


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