Krypton factor

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Based on the clasic show, this a 4 round group based competition


Physical challenge round: Anything to make a short course, chairs, cargo net, poles, cones
Identity parade: Two photos with lots of detail, such as a group sports day
General Knowledge: 20 fun questions aimed roughly at there age, usually on a theme, such as countries
Dexterity: A 2 foot square sheet of MDF, cut with a jigsaw into awkward shapes


Have each patrol start at a different base, with a leader.
Physical challenge round: get them to run a relay race through the obstacle course against the clock.
Identity parade: Give them one picture to study in great detail as a group for 2 minutes. Then ask them 10 questions based on the photo (such as how many people had red hats on etc...)
General Knowledge: ask them the questions and get them to right down the answers, as a patrol
Dexterity: Depending on the complexity of the puzzle, set a time that they must complete it in
Now add up the scores for each patrol from each challenge and give a bag of sweets to the winners!


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