Beavers Disability Awareness

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Beavers Disability Awareness evening


1 x goal ball
6 x blind folds
1 x duck tape or floor markers for marking out blindfold trail to follow


1. Group Talk

What is a disability?
What are types of disabilities?
What are the paralympics?
How can we be more inclusive?
What might we need to make sure we think about?

2. Goal Ball
(see Goal Ball instructions)
Talk about Goal Ball - what is it, where did it come from, what the rules are, what they think it will be like playing
Split lodge into 2 x teams of 3 and play goal ball
Spectators must be silent
Get together and talk about what it was like

3. Finger Spelling
(see Fingerspelling Alphabet)
Beavers work in lodges and spell their names in Finger Spelling
Work in pairs to test each other with a new word that is not their name

4. Blindfold Trail
Create a trail and mark it out on the floor using the duck tape or something similar
Beavers divide into pairs with one blind-folded and the other sighted
Sighted Beaver leads the other Beaver through the course by talking to them


  • Disability Awareness

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