Memory sticks

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Make a memory stick when on a walk to help identify items in nature, keep Cubs interested and make a memento of the walk.


A ball of string and scissors, lots of sticks, leaves, feathers, flowers etc


At the start of the walk ask each Cub to find their own stick - not too small, but not so big that they'll get fed up with carrying it. Then, whenever they see or do anything they find interesting and want to remember it, they tie an item into onto their stick using the string.

For example;
Walking through crispy fallen leaves—tie a brown leaf to your stick
Smelling something nice –tie a flower onto your stick.
Seeing a bird flying in the sky—tie a feather onto your stick

Alternatively, collect and identify leaves, fruit or nuts from six different trees and shrubs and attach them to the stick to link in with the Naturalist activity badge.


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