Top Barn Water Evening for Cubs

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An evening of activities on Top Barn lake for Cubs, run by permit holders from 5th Worcester, including kayaking and zorbing


Top barn lake booked with Neil - try to avoid evenings when Activate have lake booked
Key off Neil to get into the district store
Around 30 Cubs, no more than 32
7-8 leaders/young leaders ... ideally with knowledge of water activities


This will take at least 2 hours - try to arrive 30 mins earlier than normal start time - do not bother with uniform, ask Cubs to arrive ready to go into water with a change of clothes + towel. Ask Sid at 5th to run the evening for you (they have lots of water permit holders) and tell them to arrive 30 mins into your session.

Cost will be £3 per person for use of lake + £3 per person to district for use of equipment.

On arrival, split pack into two - no more than 16 in each split. One split who will do kayaking first to make sure they are ready to get wet.
Meanwhile, send some leaders to the store to get kayaks for 16 Cubs plus kayak/canoe for leaders going on water. Bring 2 zorbing balls back to activity centre.
Wait for 5th Worcester to arrive, then begin two sessions 45 mins each.
One split starts zorbing next to activity centre, other split goes to district store, gets buoyancy aids on (provided by 5th Worcester) and chooses a kayak. 5th Worcester will run the kayak session with your leaders in the water as well.
Swap over after 45 mins. Kayakers go to get changed into dry clothes before going into zorbing balls.


  • kayaking
  • top barn
  • Water activities
  • zorbing

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