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Firewood, (long) matches, newspaper
Bananas, chocolate buttons, foil, plastic knives to cut slit in banana
Billy cans, washing up liquid, ladle
instant hot chocolate powder, poly cups, plastic spoons (also use to eat banana)
marshmallows, biscuits, garden canes
fire buckets, water carrier, heat resistant gloves


get Cubs to fill fire buckets and water carrier. Soak canes in fire bucket.
set up demo fire in advance (to allow cooking on embers)
Give safety instructions (remember neckers should be tucked in or removed)
demonstrate making a fire, Cubs make their own in their sixes. Allow each to strike a match (this may be the first time they've been allowed to do so, so do not assume they know how or can do it safely)
while fire heating up demo coating billy can with wul, then fill with water and place in first fire (leader to do using gloves)
make bananas with chocolate and place in embers of first fire (leader to place them in)
cook and eat marshmallows while waiting for everything to cook/heat
make hot chocolate (adult to handle hot water, add splash of cold to it to make it less scalding hot)
instruct cubs how to extinguish the fires with small amounts of water (i.e. from used poly cups)
clear up the site

(edited to add - when we ran this activity we had a scalding accident where a cub accidentally bumped into another one and spilled hot chocolate on his hand. A really silly accident and luckily a dunking in the fire bucket was all that was necessary but after that we made sure all Cubs were standing still with their drinks and we also added a touch of cold water to each drink! JS)


  • campfire
  • cooking on open fire
  • fire steel
  • Fire wood
  • food
  • Matches
  • safety

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