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Make a paracord bracelet


Paracord in various colours - camouflage was the most popular with our Cubs!
I bought it from - very quick delivery.
For bracelets allow at least 7 foot of cord per child

Long matches or (ideally) a lighter to singe the ends of the cord.
Extra helpers.


We made the bracelet in a similar way to the one in this Youtube video Parent helpers and leaders were asked to watch the video before the Pack meeting to familiarise themselves with the technique. We did not use a wooden 'jig' and it worked fine.

We talked about paracord itself and how useful it could be to have a bracelet of this super strong string. The bracelet could be unravelled to give string for various everyday emergencies as well as survival situations like making a bow drill to light a fire or a snare to catch a rabbit. This ties the activity into Being Prepared rather than just a fun craft activity.

Cubs select their cord colours (one for core and one for wrapping). Adult measures the core piece round the Cub's wrist and knots/cuts it, then cuts approx 6 foot of the wrapping cord.

Adult helps start the Cubs off as this is the hard bit - once they see the pattern and logic it becomes easier. Expect lots of cries of 'I can't do this!'

It helps to explain that the side of the bracelet with the lump towards you is where you make the next loop. Saying 'over, under and through' also helps but really it's a case of making sure at least one leader has practised well!
Any cubs that get the hang of it quickly can help the others.

Keep going with the wrapping cord right up to the knot at the end of the core piece.

An adult should singe the ends of the cord - cut them short just before singeing. Double check before singeing that they still fit round the Cub's wrist - adjust the knot on the core piece if necessary.
Press the singed edges onto a hard surface (such as the matchbox) to fuse them together with the other cords to form a strong seal. The melted ends are hot, watch your fingers and keep them away from the Cubs until they have cooled (several minutes).

The bracelet is fastened by putting the knot in the core through the loop at the other end.


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